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What’s Integrity doing differently?

We’re here to make life insurance simpler for you and your clients, so they can get the cover they need (and want) and help during claims, when they need it most. That’s what happens when life insurance is created by and with Advisers (and their clients). 


Efficiency isn’t mission impossible

We’ve designed each aspect of the Integrity online Adviser portal to save you time and stress. For a start, every piece of information you enter is saved automatically, so you don’t need to re-key it. Pre-assessment, quote and application processes are also seamlessly connected – and you can complete the application in any order you like – making for one fluid experience. Gone are the days of waiting for someone to get back to you – now you get instant and consistent decisions, without having to worry about human error.

Setting you up for the future of pricing

All of Integrity’s products tick all the right boxes – they’re all individually and sustainably priced. As well as making pricing clear from the get-go, we don’t muddy the water with upfront discounts or cross-subsidies. Because when it comes to life insurance, the cost should be easy for your clients to understand (with no strings attached).

Quoting made oh-so simple

Sick of jumping through hoops to get a quote? Now all you have to do is jump online. Our pre-assessment tool gives you an indication of what we’re likely to do at application stage – with an indication on loadings, exclusions, price and outcome. You also know if we’ll cover your client if they have any specific health history or pastimes that will affect their cover. You can even make changes to quotes on the fly without having to restart, so your advice is always as up to date as possible. Plus, your client can complete the personal history section of the application themselves, in their own time, so no more uncomfortable tele-interviews.

Allowing Advisers to access new segments

Along with the staple products you’re familiar with, we’re curating a range of new ones to cover people’s needs in the real world. We introduced Five+, an Income & Life Insurance product for businesses with as few as five employees (brand new to Australia) – giving you scope to boost your business revenue. We’re also working with our Advisers to develop new products to meet the needs of different clients. Our partner AON approached us to develop a new School Fees Cover, specifically designed to support both schools and families during difficult times. And these innovations are just the start.

Support that’s not just financials

The claims process can be daunting for clients, which is why we take care to keep them (and you) in the loop every step of the way. We also know that clients need more than just financial support, so we support them holistically – whether that means liaising with community services or arranging rehabilitation to get your clients back on their feet.

Your very own digital underwriter

Need a pre-assessment to get an accurate quote, quick smart? Our digital underwriter is on deck around the clock – simply log on from your favourite device, anywhere, anytime. Unlike old school underwriting, a digital underwriter gives you consistent decisions in moments, so there’s no uncertainty or waiting around. We’re here to save you time.

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