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It’s a competitive market and first-time buyers need an end to end life insurance process that’s top notch. The good news is, we can make that happen. That’s because Integrity (that’s us) beat almost every other insurer in the country in the latest Adviser Ratings Survey, ranking 2nd in things like ease of Underwriting, platform functionality, insurer competitiveness, Adviser support and overall NPS! So, what are you waiting for?

Helping your clients
for life.

We want to help you and your clients, for life. Here’s how we do that. For starters, our pricing is sustainable, with no cross-subsidisation, so you don’t have “bill” shock conversations down the track. Our premiums increase in-line with real CPI – this means our premium costs are based on objective CPI increases. And our customer experience is integral to everything we do, so all of our key customer functions (including our Claims team) is all done inhouse.

Supporting you to reduce the cost to serve.

A big focus at Integrity is to increase operational efficiency to support Advisers in business. We do this by providing flexible commission features so Advisers can choose what to charge, paying commissions weekly on the policy going inforce to support cashflow, we provide an automatic activity log to generate compliance file records including quote scenarios, application reports, case notes and follow ups and policy schedules. By saving you time, we can save you money!

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