Partnering with Integrity.

A specialist insurer when you need bespoke solutions. 

We’re flexible to your needs. 

Outcomes focused and insights driven, we work with employers (and some of the biggest brands in Australia) to create targeted employee wellbeing programs.
Agile technology solutions and development allows us to rapidly deliver to partner needs and evolve with our customers. 

Why Integrity?

We want life insurance to be easy and efficient – that’s why we’ve built our business from the ground up. All our processes, platforms and people are focused on making complex stuff, simple –by focusing on efficiency (without any legacy systems to slow us down) we know we can save our partners time and money.

We also partner with organisations to bring exclusive offers to market.  

Insurope and Integrity – bringing global thinking to the local market.

We’re the exclusive new business partner in Australia with Insurope. Insurope are a market-leading insurer in group employee benefits, across the globe. They specialise in multinational pooling, a system linking employee benefits together for multinational companies.

Since its formation 52 years ago, Insurope has grown to be the largest global network of its kind providing services in over 100 countries and territories. With more than 780 multinational clients and insuring more than 4,400 employee benefit plans, Insurope has been consistently ranked among the top networks in the world.

Safewill and Integrity – being there when people need us most.

Safewill is Australia’s leading sophisticated digital Will-writing platform, delivering an innovative solution to current inefficiencies in estate planning. According to Safewill, 70% of Australian adults currently do not have a Will, and over 57% of parents haven’t appointed guardians for their children. Safewill is helping to change the way all Australians think about Will-writing.

Safewill is the only Australian service combining the simplicity and affordability of a Will-kit, with the reliability and security provided by estate-planning lawyers. Their solution uses technology to optimise and democratise high-quality estate planning for every Australian, helping to reduce rates of intestacy and litigation resulting from contested or unenforceable Wills.

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