Our retail life insurance products.

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We’re all about providing life insurance that makes sense.

With Integrity, your clients’ can have the peace of mind that their life, family and loved ones will be taken care of.

Products with a difference.

Flexible products. You get to choose the bits your clients need not the bits they don’t – making it practical and cost-effective cover.

You’re kept in the loop. We communicate openly at every stage, so you always know where your clients stand and what will happen next.

We make it simple. You can apply for a policy, check or change cover, or find out about the status of the claim 24/7.

We make it easy. We’re always on hand to help you when you need it.

Our retail products.

Income Insurance

Lending a hand while you’re off work.

What if you got sick or injured and couldn’t work? It’s not a pretty thought – but with our Income Insurance, you can make sure you and your family are financially secure, and the bills still get paid.


Planning ahead – just in case.

No one expects the worst – but these things do happen. With our Integrity Life cover, you can have a plan ‘just in case’ to ensure you and your family are still taken care of, even if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, or die. If these things happen, we’ll pay a lump sum payment to you or your loved ones if you die.

Critical Illness

Temporary support to get you back on track.

There are certain health conditions that can really throw your life off track – like a heart attack, cancer or stroke. This is where our Critical Illness cover can come in very handy as you receive a lump sum payment where you meet the definition for the specified medical condition, which is intended to cover things like treatment and rehabilitation costs, and time off for the people who care for you and about you.


Helping life go on when you have a permanent disability.

If you’re in an accident or become unexpectedly totally and permanently disabled, there’s no room for ambiguity – you will need help, and you’ll need it quickly. With our TPD cover, you’ll get a lump sum payment that can help you adjust to your new lifestyle, pay the bills, and keep things on course.

Care Support Package

Additional help for you and your loved ones.

We care about you and your family, that’s why we developed our Care Support Package, which is included with any lump sum Cover (Life, Critical Illness or TPD) or can be added when only Income Insurance is held. It gives you and your loved ones extra support if you suffer from a relevant health condition, and you’re unable to work, or you die. Basically, it means being reimbursed for costs related to your condition, taking some of the financial pressure off you and your loved ones.

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