Looking for the perfect life partner? Look no further than Integrity.

Want to start attracting first-time buyers?

Find out what makes them tick with our Fight for Future Markets Report. We know that writing risk is becoming an even more significant challenge on small cases (where the compliance requirements are the same as writing a large case) but what we highlight in this report is that Millennials are up to 40 years old, they are a large cohort that spans a wide-range of ages, and they may not be who you think they are. Additionally, as the dominant workforce, they are creating the expectations on which Advisers and their offerings will be compared. So, it’s worth getting across how they think and behave. We also believe there are opportunities to change the way some practices operate that will drive greater efficiency, thereby reducing operational costs (and increasing profitability), while also appealing to how this cohort prefers to engage with financial services. 

Acquisition of new customers and profitability are critical for practices and we hope this can offer part of the solution.

Here’s what makes Integrity
your perfect partner.

A partner for today’s customers and Advice practice.

Our award-winning Adviser Portal makes the life insurance advice process simple and seamless. You can apply, quote and see all the interactions we’ve had with your client – anywhere, anytime and on any device.

A partner designed for life

Our products were designed with real life in mind – your clients can choose the day their Income Insurance benefit is paid, and all occupations with Income Insurance are eligible for the three-tier definition. Plus, we offer extra benefits that can support your clients and their loved ones during difficult times, such as our Terminal Illness Care benefit or our Occupationally Acquired Needlestick benefit – it’s all part of our Care Support Package.

A partner with competitive pricing

We believe that life insurance is a product for life, so we price for the life of the policy. When we offer discounts or offers, they’re always for the life of the policy. We don’t believe in providing large upfront discounts which disappear down the track (this just causes ‘bill shock’ for clients and pain for Advisers). That’s why our pricing is fair, competitive, sustainable and clear from the get-go.

A partner with balanced Underwriting

Our team of expert Underwriters take pride in being innovative in assessing cases and providing terms. Whilst our digital Underwriter is available around the clock. This means no waiting around on cleanskin applications and none of that “call back during business hours” stuff. Just accurate, consistent decisions that save you time.

A partner that personalise the experience

The claims process can be daunting – but at Integrity, we treat every customer like a real person and not a financial liability. Keeping you (and your clients) in the loop at every step, and supporting clients throughout – whether that means liaising with community services or arranging rehabilitation to get clients back on their feet.

A partner that is focused on Advisers

We know you’re busier than ever – so we’ve made the insurance experience better than ever. Our online Adviser portal is seamlessly integrated from pre-assessment and quote through to application. Plus, our product design, PDS and unique service model is curated with you in mind. Our centre of administration excellence (our Customer Care team) are your central point of contact for all admin tasks from policy onboarding, administration and renewals through to Adviser onboarding. This means one end to end contact for you from enquiry through to resolution. So that you and your clients benefit from a one-of-a-kind experience.

A partner that loves to collaborative

How are we so sure we’ve got what you need? Well, we were co-created with you, our Advisers. That means everything we offer has been designed to help real people and focus on what really matters – you and your customers.

Ready to start working with Integrity?

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