Why did we Build a Recharge Room and What is it?

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The science is in, and it’s undeniable that the scenic quality of our daily environments has a direct correlation to our personal wellbeing*. So when we set out to build the kind of environment that would support our people in delivering their best, we looked far and wide for some of the most innovative ideas. One such concept was the idea of the Recharge Room.

What is a recharge room? 

As the name may imply, they’re rooms where employees can take a few minutes of downtime to zone out, relax, stretch, nap, pray or even meditate. Everything in the room has been designed to support ‘recharging’ (however you choose to do that). From the tranquil forest mural wall, to the electric-massage mat, to the meditation books and puzzles, and aromatherapy kit, we designed a room that would maximize relaxation and allow employees to focus on their wellbeing.

Why create one?

People need breaks. Especially our teams who are on the frontline of a business like ours. While many employers still measure ‘frontline productivity’ based on the number of hours invested in a given task, we don’t believe that’s a very reliable organisational metric. Instead, we focus on the quality of the tasks completed, for example – feedback from our customers.

To support our people in doing their best we looked at everything they need to be productive. This includes the right tools, the right tasks, the environment around them, and an internal culture with a strong focus on positive mental health. While ‘mental health’ might still be taboo in many companies, studies^ have shown a strong correlation between meditation and improved concentration, which includes focus and over-all performance. So why not encourage this?

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