Big news for your small business clients.

Say hello to Integrity’s Five+ Group Income and Life Insurance product – it’s brand new to Australia!

It offers Income and Life Cover for businesses with 5-50 employees and is available without providing any health information.

Income cover.

A monthly benefit payable whilst an Employee is Totally or Partially Disabled and unable to work. They’ll receive a benefit amount of 80% of their salary, so they are looked after. Plus, the business will receive a benefit of 20% of the salary, to help cover temporary staff hiring costs.

Life cover. 

A fixed lump sum of $200,000, paid to the Employee if they become permanently injured and cannot work (or if the worst happens and they pass away).

Key features that might blow you away:


  • It’s affordable.
  • Amazingly simple to understand – it cannot be tailored or changed in any way.
  • Very straightforward to administer – quote and apply all online.
  • Combines Life and Income Cover into one single product.
  • All employees must be included (apart from those that fall outside our eligibility criteria).
  • We cover any industry!
  • Is available through Financial Advisers and Brokers.

We were told that Income and Life Insurance is especially important to small businesses because:

“It’s very hard for them to manage business and financial risks when staff are off work due to illness or injury”

“Given the relationship they have with staff, it’s very hard for them to say they will no longer pay their salary, should the worst happen”

“They’re often tight knit ‘like a family’ businesses, who want to offer a relevant benefit to their staff” 

“They are often competing against larger organisation for great staff and want an affordable and meaningful way to attract the best”

What some of our Advisers and Brokers are saying:

“It’s obvious that, when designing his product, Integrity has put themselves in the shoes of the Adviser.”

“High-level of responsiveness, quick turnaround on requests during the onboarding period.”

“Very easy to get set up because the process was extremely streamlined and simple.”

“I like the simplistic approach Integrity are taking with not too many moving parts.”

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