When times get tough, our
Care Support Package is there to help.

When we set out to build new products for today’s market, we wanted to create an add-on that would give you access to great benefits. We call it – the Care Support Package.

What is it?

Additional benefits that provides access to reimbursements if you’re sick or injured and unable to work in your occupation, even if you’re terminally ill. Traditionally the types of benefits in our Care Support Package would be spread across multiple cover types with the majority sitting in income protection products. We have designed this as a more comprehensive package without the price tag to match – included with any lump sum Cover (Life, TPD and Critical Illness).

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Why might someone need it?

If you’re unable to work because of sickness, injury, or terminal illness, the package provides for the things you don’t want to be without – your family, a comfortable environment, mental health support and more. People like to avoid thinking about these types of things, let alone plan for them, so we have designed this package based on our experience so you can focus on what’s truly important.

Benefits include; reimbursement on flights/petrol and accommodation so family or friends can be with you, home care so you can be where you choose to be, financial planning or professional services support if you need to get affairs in order, grief support for you and your network, plus, we offer a unique terminal illness payment so if you require palliative care, you can choose where and how to spend your final days. There is so much more to this which you can view in the Product Disclosure Statement at integritylife.com.au/products/pds-forms.

How did this come about?

Part of the reason we designed this package was because we have friends or family who have been in this position, so we know what’s needed and we know how much it matters.

The fine print (but nothing tricky).

The benefits in the Care Support Package can exceed $500,000 and paid in addition to any other claim (and benefit) your client may be entitled to claim for with Integrity.