How to make working from home, work for you.

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Whether or not you’re working from home as a result of restrictions, we know that the ever-evolving COVID situation means that being flexible is key. Here are some neat ways that Advisers can continue to service their clients in a COVID safe way.

Record your client meetings with Zoom.

By now, most working Australians will have better video conferencing skills and be more comfortable conducting meetings this way. By recording your calls (with permission of course) you have a record for compliance purposes, it can also be a value add to clients to give them a copy so they’re not having to take notes and can refer to your awesome advice at any time!

Signature free (almost).

No signatures are required from you or your client when submitting applications. All client authority and declarations are done online, with one exception. For legal reasons we require a client signature for Binding Beneficiary Nominations insurance taken out within Integrity’s ‘Here for You’ Super Plan. Completed forms can be accepted via email to revised terms are also offered online and are available for you to accept in our portal electronically, without the need to provide your client’s signature.

Send app to client.

Completing face-to-face applications can be challenging in the time of COVID, but we have a solution that not only gets around this, but it also saves you a heap of time with data entry. We built a feature in our portal that allows you to send part of the Insurance Application directly to your client for them to complete some of their personal information.

You stay fully in control though and are alerted when the information has been completed. We don’t do anything with this info until you have checked it and submitted the application.  

While we know this isn’t a solution for everyone, it can work for some clients. Around 50% of our Advisers use this feature in 40% of cases, the best number though is that we have a 100% completion rate. This is (in part) because we do all the follow-up to ensure the forms are complete, and because extensive user-testing means the forms are simple and easy for clients to complete.

Why not give some of these ideas a try?

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