Expanding our paramedical offering for a faster application process.

Jan 24, 2021Integrity101, News0 comments

We’re pleased to announce that we have added three new paramedical providers to our panel.

This expansion gives you even greater choice in providers, while speeding up the process, and improving the end-to-end experience of your clients who require further health screening tests for us to assess their application. Plus, once you let us know your preferred provider from our panel, we’ll take care of the rest.   

We spoke to our GM of Operations, Bridget Ramunno, about this significant change.

What has brought about this change?

Bridget Ramunno: The application process is a really critical time for Advisers to secure clients for life, so we’re always looking for ways we can improve that experience.

One area we identified for improvement was the process of organising health screening tests which are sometimes required at application. By adding additional providers with complimentary capabilities, we are able to speed up the application process, reduce the advisers’ effort to get applications inforce, as well as improving the health screening experience for their clients.

Who do we have on board?

BR: In addition to Unified Health Care Group (UHG), Integrity welcomes Health Predictions, Prestige Paramedical, and EQ Pathology to provide both medical retrieval and health screening services.

Why is this good news for Advisers?

BR: We have partnered with some of the best providers in the country to give our Advisers even more choice.

The process is designed to take the heavy lifting off Advisers. So we’ll do everything from securely transferring all the relevant information to the providers, and then ensuring Advisers are kept in the loop at every stage. This transparency allows them to keep their clients informed, stay on the front-foot, and in turn, create a better application experience.

Early results show that on average health screening requests are completed end-to-end in just 4.5 days and medical report retrieval services average around 6 days. But we’re anticipating reducing this even further.

What do Advisers need to do to set this up?

BR: Just get in touch with your BDM or our Customer Care team and let us know which provider you wish to use. Then, if tests are required and you want us to organise, we’ll take care of the rest.

Bridget Ramunno

Bridget Ramunno

General Manager, Operations.