Updating the mental health toolkit.

Jul 4, 2021Integrity1010 comments

With COVID-19 changing the rulebook on mental health, we thought it was time to update your toolkit. Here are some valuable resources for you to support your people and yourself.

  1. Coronavirus: Resources for Anxiety & Stress via the Blackdog Institute. Contains ways to manage stress while still practicing physical distancing. 
  2. Ways to maintain positive mental health via Department of Health. A wide range of resources which includes how to support children and the elderly.
  3. Mental health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak via Lifeline. This has a lot of great strategies for working remotely and how to stay connected as well as a list of places where you can get instant support.
  4. How to manage and thrive during remote working via Dynamic Business. A guide for managers on how to support their people during COVID-19.
  5. Working from home: A checklist to support your mental health during Coronavirus via Blackdog Institute. A handy checklist approach to having all the resources you need to survive and thrive.
  6. Establishing Your Home Workspace via Entrepreneur Magazine. This is a guide to setting up a positive workspace at home. 
  7. How to work from home when your kids are home, too via Atlassian. A great guide for parents who are working from home. Advice suitable for COVID-19 or just school holidays.
  8. How we’re keeping fit while working from home via The Next Web. Some great ideas on how to keep fit while working from home that includes links, videos and ideas for how technology can support you.
  9. 10 ways to take care of yourself via Reach Out. This is a great overall guide on activities and ideas that will keep you mentally and physically healthy.

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