Why it matters to have a partner for life.

May 24, 2021Integrity1010 comments

In business (as in life) things are a lot easier when you have the right partner. Because when you have the right partner, you’re supported to succeed together, whatever comes along. You may have seen us talking a bit about being a ‘partner for life’. But aside from being a bit cute, what do we actually mean?

We’re in this together.

Partnerships are about serving the interests of both parties to succeed together. We have seen across our industry, challenge after challenge, which has then been compounded by things like COVID-19. A partnership with Integrity means…

  1. We know our success depends on Advisers. So, we collaborate with Advisers and other partners on changes we intend to make. Whether that be to how we serve you or our products.
  2. If you ever have feedback for anyone in our organisation – from Product Managers and to Underwriters, to the CEO – we’ll get it to them, and you’ll get a response.
  3. We know that our role is more than supplying life insurance. We also need to champion the advised channels and stand strong on issues within our industry (like operational efficiency) – we’re pretty proud of our record on those fronts so far.

We’re here for the long-term.

We’re a fully regulated Life Insurance company, not just a reseller. This means we have the capital requirements of a life insurer and a genuine interest in ensuring clients are with us for the long term. Which means a focus on delivering on-going value to customers and maintaining a good reputation in the industry – particularly around claims.

We think it’s a job for Integrity Life.

A big part of why we exist is to build something better than was there before. We are committed to testing, building and innovating – ultimately to create a better customer experience.

Because we’re values driven, we believe there is a role for us in the industry to serve those who want to do things a bit differently and who, like us, believe we can change the game – for good!

And that’s why we think we’re the perfect ‘partner for life’.  

Integrity Life

Integrity Life

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